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Cryptocurrency cold storage made easy. The iCoin Hardware Wallet securely holds your Bitcoin & Ethereum Private Keys encrypted in the device’s memory. This now includes native NFT (ERC-721) as well as ERC-20 support. Because the iCoin Wallet has no Network connection (no WiFi, no cellular antenna, no SD card slot, no microphone, no front facing camera) you can be assured your Private Keys are not exposed to any Blockchain or Internet. A 3" LCD touchscreen display allows direct entry of pin codes and seed phrase entropy. The Wallet now offers encrypted Bluetooth support in addition to an Air Gap only functionality that employs the Wallet’s rear facing high-res camera to read QR codes and enable transactions for safe data entry and retrieval. Entropy is generated using iCoin’s patented technique, making your key generation cryptographically secure.


iCoin Mobile App is your Wallet's gateway to the Blockchain networks.

Available on: Apple App Store (iOS) & Google Playstore (Android)


iCoin’s Secure Printer pairs directly with your Hardware Wallet using encrypted Bluetooth. Print out your seed phrase, account addresses, transaction receipts, and more. Printed QR codes allow data to be easily imported. You can wipe your wallet and restore it in seconds.

iCoin Wallet & Printer Bundle



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